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No fine for a fuck? I don't think so.

Julia got herself into some real trouble. She was sharing the company's confidential information with a third party. She tried to avoid a huge fine by fucking me, but I'm not that sure it will work this time.

22, Starring Julia, Runtime 26:40

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Testing the qualities a new secretary

A hot blonde came to ask for a job as a secretary. I don't really need one at the moment, but she was hot, slutty and in need for a job - my favorite combination. So I decided to test her qualities.

21, Starring Karol, Runtime 32:46

014xx Play 877030c4e701a9c89423f4e9c4f4c2b0a8c94cb97b616384fc4cd8c43d8def73

This is how my horny secretary earns her holiday

My blonde secretary is a piece of a hot slut! She tries to get fucked anytime, anywhere. Especially if one offers her to pay for her holiday.

20, Starring Amy, Runtime 32:40

006xx Play 877030c4e701a9c89423f4e9c4f4c2b0a8c94cb97b616384fc4cd8c43d8def73

Will a fuck offer make up for her attitude?

This one gave me some attitude, so I had to show her who's the boss here. She then apologized and tried to make peace with me by offering a fuck. She's cute so I didn't hesitate much and fucked her tight cunt hard.

19, Starring Michaela, Runtime 30:17

016xx Play 877030c4e701a9c89423f4e9c4f4c2b0a8c94cb97b616384fc4cd8c43d8def73

Ani trying to make up for her mistakes

Ani has fucked up her project royally. It seriously pissed me off, since she had two months to finish it. I was so mad that even her offer of sex at first didn't seem to make it better. But then I took a second look at her quite perfect body.

18, Starring Anita, Runtime 30:03

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